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A Little Bit Me with Ted Alexandro

Jan 8, 2019

Celebrate brotherly love this week with New Years Ted in your head as he and his brother Rich relive the joys of being booed off stage at the Apollo as Brotherly Love, the first white rap group from Queens, and be prepared to bust a move to their fresh 80s rap stylings! Then get inspired to have delusional athletic aspirations in 2019 as Ted recounts the time he and his other brother Dave thought they could make the US Olympic team. Later Ted surprises comedian friends Demetri Martin and Gary Gulman with an unexpected phone call in "The Catch Up" and finds Gary eating spaghetti in a brand new way! And in "Grading my Marriage" Ted reports on how he and his wife are doing this week (spoiler alert: still very good). Check out more from Ted at and follow him @Tedalexandro on Twitter and Instagram. And see his new hour special Senior Class of Earth at!