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A Little Bit Me with Ted Alexandro

Jan 23, 2019

Join Ted for a very special celebration of legendary comedian, host and funk master William Stephenson who passed away recently at age 61. Ted relates the major impact William had on not just Ted's life and career but on that of every New York comedian over his many decades doing stand up and hosting comedy shows in clubs across NYC. Featuring audio clips of some of Williams' shows, including some from his final set at the famous NY Comedy Cellar, Ted recalls some of his fondest memories of William, from the thrill of the first time he was acknowledged by the famous curmudgeon. to the joy of eventually making him laugh to the days when they finally became friends and William agreed to host Ted's most recent special. Hear tales of William's famous distain of celebrity, his love of music, and his legendary irritability that always kept comedy club crowds entertained (and in line). Then in the "Catch Up" Ted cold calls Marina Franklin, one of William's many NY comedian friends, to try to get some of her memories of William - and he eventually get through! Then in a William-themed "Grading My Marriage" Ted's wife gets a food order from William from beyond the grave. Subscribe to A Little Bit Me then check out more from Ted at and follow him @Tedalexandro on Twitter and Instagram. And see his new hour special Senior Class of Earth at!