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A Little Bit Me with Ted Alexandro

Feb 27, 2019

It's a hard one this week guys. Ted comes to you with a heavy heart in the aftermath of the suicide of comedian Brody Stevens. From his hotel room at Foxwoods casino, Ted reminiscences about Brody from their shared time starting out in New York, celebrating Brody's unique and very personal comedy while trying to process yet another shocking loss to the comedy community. With equal parts sadness and frustration Ted reveals his own experience with loved ones with mental illness and digs into what we still need to do better as a society for people who are suffering. Then in "What Are You Reading?" it's the biography of controversial NBA player and Michael Jordon teammate Craig Hodges who was blacklisted after speaking up politically and trying to organize players into protesting the Rodney King beatings. Finally in "The Catch Up" Ted tries to get comedian friends on the phone on a Saturday night, including Russ Meneve (again), Jordan Temple (again), Laurie Kilmartin, Erin Foley, and Maz Jobrani.

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