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A Little Bit Me with Ted Alexandro

Mar 19, 2019

Spring has sprung in NYC and for Ted that means birds and that means baseball! With spring training underway, Ted recalls the time he signed multiple autographs at Shea Stadium pretending to be a Mets rookie, his days of domicile-destructive wiffle ball in the streets of Bellerose Queens, and the simple pleasures of the old baseball player names. Then, Ted strikes down upon the church in his neighborhood with great vengeance and furious anger in a tersely worded voicemail regarding the choice of songs their bells play. Next, in "What Are you Watching?" Ted feels the pain of both parties portrayed in "Lorena", the new documentary about the world's most famous impromptu penectomy. And finally in "The Catch Up", comedian and WTF podcaster Marc Maron mistakes Ted's number for spam and answers anyway! The two podcaster/comedians' conversation turns to diet, exercise, and grappling with success in showbiz.

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