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A Little Bit Me with Ted Alexandro

Mar 26, 2019

Once again Ted brings you deep into the life of a career comedian this week as he can't help but be Uncle Buzzkill on a trip with his nephews to witness March Madness. Then Ted celebrates his record of doing 8 shows in one night and reveals what it took to pull it off. Next in a new segment called "Old Bits" Ted breaks out one of his earliest classic bits from 1994 and brings you inside the mind of its creator (him). And finally in "The Catch Up", Ted cold-calls another of his comedian friends just to see what's up, and this week hits the mother lode with the Bert to his Ernie, Hollis James, long-time partner and co-creator of such hilarious works as Teachers Lounge, Horace & Huey, Kiss Our American Ass, and more. (all viewable on Ted's youtube page!)

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