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A Little Bit Me with Ted Alexandro

Apr 23, 2019

On a gorgeous spring day, Ted copes with some alone time during the first extended absence of his wife, who is in Hawaii without him, and fills it with an emotionally intimate lunch with his brother in law (and probably some vacuuming). Then in "What Are You Watching?" Ted goes full Rhaegar as he catches up on Game of Thrones and finds a small problem with Peter Dinklage's performance, recognizes someone British from some other thing, and muses on who would qualify to be a Dame or a Sir amongst American actors, coming up with the late great Seymour Cassel, who he decides would probably have turned it down anyway. Then in a special "Old Bits" Ted celebrates the special 15th Anniversary special reissue edition of his first album "As Much As You Want" with a walk-through of one of his early classic bits and a deep interpretation the new edition's cover art. Then in a special all-Astoria "The Catch Up" Ted catches up with the comedy Mayor Of Astoria and Watawa Sushi's #1 customer, the kind, funny, and wise Jon Fisch.

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