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A Little Bit Me with Ted Alexandro

May 7, 2019

This week Ted goes down a very familiar road on tour with Jim Gaffigan - namely the Long Island Expressway which hosts both his high school and college alma maters, a fact he must remind Jim Gaffigan of every time they take it. Then once there, Ted deals with the highly verbal audiences of Long Island who blur the line between public and private spaces (with the help of their special juice)! Afterwards, Ted realizes he's in the wide circle of showbiz life as he's using the same dressing room as Don Henley and Patti LaBelle! Next in "What Are You Watching?" Ted realizes that, yes, he'd still love to be Mr. Rogers' neighbor as he gets into the recent documentary "Won't You Be My Neighbor", even though he just found out he was a Republican. And finally in "The Catch-Up" Ted cold calls comedian and SNL alum Dean Edwards in the middle of major housing renovations and Dean talks to him anyway - twice!

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