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A Little Bit Me with Ted Alexandro

May 14, 2019

This week Ted's in the deep south battling Garlic Night and getting served at every lunch counter in sight! From stealing a beach visit to getting in a short work out Ted pulls back the curtain on the glamorous life of a comedian on the road making it rain laughter and mirth! And while down south enjoying the twangs and slang of the banjo voiced southerner Ted recalls the one summer weekend he spent in Boys State, the American Legion leadership program where he happily played the role of Joker from Full Metal Jacket while running laps and charming his drill sergeant while chanting and doing push ups. Then in a heartfelt Mother's Day segment Ted brags on his mom, a sex-ed teaching, poetry writing role model who spread healing and grace wherever she went. Next Ted wrestles with the ignominy of sometimes not being recognized by the people working at the very clubs he's performing at - even sometimes on his way out! And finally in "The Catch Up" Ted cold calls the great comedian and Minnesotan resident Chad Daniels who eventually divulges his secret to maintaining both a successful comedy career and a stable home life for his kids (hint: it involves both a supportive wife and buying the kids gigantic donuts).

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