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A Little Bit Me with Ted Alexandro

May 29, 2019

The fun-loving Alexandro clan descends on the Poconos for a 72 hour Memorial Day Weekend vacation wherein Ted does his best not to mention how big his nieces and nephews have gotten since last year while learning exactly what physical shape he's in after he agrees to join his family in a military style obstacle course. Then in "What Are You Watching?" Ted answers that question for himself by digging into the latest show he and his wife have been enjoying, "Fleabag". Then in "NBA Roundup" Ted dishes on his favorite soap opera - the story of Kawahi Leonard who's about to lead his new team in the finals against the juggernaut Golden State Warriors. And lastly, in "The Catch Up" Ted cold-calls fellow comedian and non-fellow Weezer cover band member Jim Tews, and finds him loitering at Starbucks secretly waiting for his call!

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