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A Little Bit Me with Ted Alexandro

Jun 4, 2019

Coming to you direct from Someplace, California (it has a beach and Mexican food) Ted takes in sun, surf, and free-range children, while contemplating how he can be visually inspiring in his retirement (push ups). Then to commemorate Gay Pride week Ted adds an I to his lexicon, and reckons with the knowledge that Trump is president of Chinatown as he passes through in San Francisco. Next, in a moment of Professional Seasoned Traveler Hubris, Ted has a scary loss on the way out of town all thanks to a last minute stop for a blueberry scone at the airport Au Bon Pain (in french). Will he still be exit row material? Then in "NBA Roundup" Ted revels in the fact that his wife is as excited as he is about Kawahi Leonard who's already lead his team to its first ever NBA Finals win. In "Old Bits" Ted takes you through the anatomy of one of his classic routines from the late 90s. And lastly, in "The Catch Up" Ted cold-calls comedian Gina Yashere only to find her so imminently blowing up that she's literally in the middle of buying a house! He follows that up with an authentically sweet catch-up with old friend and fellow calmed-down comedian Tim Young.

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