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A Little Bit Me with Ted Alexandro

Jun 11, 2019

This week Ted boldly ventures out into the summer conditions of the outer world on a walk with his wife and stumbles upon a student teacher kickball game, evoking both his days as a teacher just trying to fill the last week of school, as well as his own glory days in junior high riding the bench with acne on his legs for a winning student-teacher basketball game, and the tender moment with his dad that it made possible. Then Ted takes everything off the docket. turns the comedy brain off, and forgoes all plans except to eat 30 bowls of healthy food in 30 days with his wife (or at least 3 per week). The answer life is quinoa, sweet potato ribbons, and push-ups. Then in "What Are You Watching" Ted jumps in with both as he faces the harsh truths in "When They See Us", about the Exonerated Five aka The Central Park Five. The in "The Catch Up" Ted starts to catch up with Keith Robinson but he unfortunately caught him about to replace his dying battery! But Ted finally connects with long-time friend, hilarious comedian and multiple-unsuccessful-preview Catch-Up attempt winner Erin Foley and finds her ready and eager to finally catch up!

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