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A Little Bit Me with Ted Alexandro

Jul 2, 2019

In celebration of all things explodey and freedomish this 4 of July week Ted takes you deep into his and Hollis James' instant-classic American pride/bloodlust country-rap mash up anthem Kiss Our American Ass! And speaking of American pride/bloodlust Ted then breaks down the latest episode of "Who Wants to Be The President", aka the Democratic Debates, and finds he sees fire AND rain among the 26 hopeful politicians, and debates himself how much money Jeff Bezos can keep. Then in "What Are You Watching?" Ted takes the opportunity of a long trans-Atlantic flight to watch the Spanish film "Campeones" and just manages to hide his tears from his sleeping rowmates. And then in a "The Catch Up" we've all been waiting for - the one and only Dave Attell takes Ted's call and the two comedic minds get inside baseball on their chosen art.

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