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A Little Bit Me with Ted Alexandro

Aug 6, 2019

Holy Toledo! Ted hits the road with Jim Gaffigan who again takes Ted to the most notable local greasy food spot and in Toledo OH that means Famous Tony Packo's where he winds up eating some hot dogs with additional meat piled on top while Jim signs some buns, all ahead of playing a challenging daytime show at the Toledo Zoo, where Ted breaks down how to keep em laughing in the open air when you're competing directly with the wildlife. Next its off to Norfolk and Richmond Virginia where Ted debates Bellerose vs Floral Park with his ex-pat NY driver and celebrates the heroes who have a muffin when they feel like it. Then Ted is honored by his old high school with a spot on their wall of fame right under none other than Vince Lombardi - though for Ted winning isn't everything, it's just one of several things. Then in "The Catch Up" Ted recounts both the first time he met fellow comedian Geoff Tate AND the first few minutes of his call with Jeff since he forgot to hit record for the beginning.

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