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A Little Bit Me with Ted Alexandro

Aug 20, 2019

This week Ted comes to you from the front lines of the touring comic, as we witness him lying in real time to the cleaning staff at his hotel in Springfield, Missouri (not the one that Abe Lincoln is from) so he can take as much time as he needs to record this episode for you while on the road with Jim Gaffigan. Then Ted battles Jim's health-conscious road manager Justin over going to an off-site gym (which he loses... or wins depending on your perspective). Then Ted does a TV taping of Live at the Comedy Cellar (which you may or may not see soon) and appears live on stage with political comedian Jimmy Dore! Next, in new segment "New Bits", Ted debuts some exclusive comedy content as he takes us inside the moment he knew his wife was the one! And finally, in an unprecedented "The Catch-Up" Ted corners Jim Gaffigan in person and forces him to talk about Jim's new hour special Quality Time (now streaming on Amazon Prime!), resulting in the two engaging in some comedy shop talk of the highest level, including Jim's take on one of Ted's recent bits!

If you have been enjoying the show, subscribe to A Little Bit Me then check out more from Ted at and follow him @Tedalexandro on Twitter and Instagram. Buy the 15th Anniversary Edition of As Much As You Want here: and get his new hour special Senior Class of Earth at! Ted photo by Eric Korenman, Music by ProProDLC, Produced & Edited by Matthew L. Weiss