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A Little Bit Me with Ted Alexandro

Sep 3, 2019

Happy Labor Day! Being no stranger to collective labor actions himself, Ted celebrates Grover Cleveland's brainchild and the Labor movement in general by working on Labor day (but it's a labor of love!) with Jim Gaffigan on Cape Cod where he visits the lobby of the JFK Museum and does a dual act with a giant dragonfly who auditions for Ted by flying directly into his eye. Then, by popular demand, Ted dishes out a few more Lessons in Comedy and creativity in general, this week, getting into the great value of immersing yourself in the life stories and examples of others doing what you're doing. Then in "What Are You Watching?" Ted asks and answers this question himself: the recent Roger Ailes miniseries The Loudest Voice. And finally in an unprecedented two-part "The Catch Up" Ted finds comedian Emma Willmann willing to talk acting, food trucks, and getting oil out of important jackets on Labor day!

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