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A Little Bit Me with Ted Alexandro

Sep 10, 2019

On this week's king-sized episode, Ted enters your head hot on the heels of doing two nights off-Broadway in the show Laughing Liberally, amongst his people with John Fugelsang, Judah Friedlander, Marina Franklin and Pete Dominick. Then in keeping with the NYC theme, Ted waxes nostalgic about the unexplainable love he has for the US Open and sneaking into it (it's in Queens) and admits to his great love of cheating, deceiving and lying (honest!). Then ooooh Ted wants to take you to the Bahamas, come on pretty mamas - except they've been destroyed by climate change and that's no fun. And in a new segment so new it doesn't have a name, Ted jogs his own memory about the time a girl in 5th grade performed a twirling routine so provocative that he's still thinking about it today. And in the return of "The Name Drop" Ted talks about the great impact his friendship with TV's Craig Ferguson has had on his career and his life. And finally in yet another "The Catch-Up" first, Ted reaches comedian and YouTube superstar Yannis Pappas in his natural state, ie naked in the shower, and they proceed to have a conversation about comedy and being shot as Yannis washes and dresses. That's it!

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