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A Little Bit Me with Ted Alexandro

Nov 19, 2019

Once again we find Ted in the heartland of America as he plays the River Spirit Resort and Casino in Tulsa Oklahoma with Jim Gaffigan, where they discuss Donald Trump's bizarre health regimen and discover its a touchy subject! Next, as the due date draws ever nearer, Ted continues to prepare for the holiday arrival of his new child, wondering just who got who this baby in terms of a Christmas present. Then Ted indulges in some more imminent baby panic, going as far as considering talking to a financial planner to help deal with his anxiety as he transitions from being a devil-may-care comedian to a responsible father. Does he get into the stock market or have a cheeseburger? And then in "The Catch Up" Ted does a good job with a truly heart-to-heart catch up with the hilarious comedian and the world's foremost Eckhart Tolle impressionist, Andy Pitz!

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