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A Little Bit Me with Ted Alexandro

Jan 21, 2020

Oh, Canada! The tundras beckon once again as Ted hits our neighbor to the north with Jim Gaffigan, playing some cold but very warm hearted shows in Halifax and Saint John - where Ted discovers the miracle seaweed jerky dulse aka nature's viagra at storied local spot Slocum and Ferris and then braves the sub-zero weather in Moncton, giving Ted the chance to really appreciate the opportunity to play giant arenas and make new fans every show (even if sometimes he should have packed his long johns)! Then - 2 Million views can't be wrong! Thanks to some pretty big viral comedy videos, Ted's Instagram TV account crosses a major milestone, inspiring Ted to contemplate the future of stand-up comedy and the new ways people consume it straight from the source. Then in "The Catch Up" comedian Joe List talks his Boston origins, dancing with Gary Gulman at his wedding, and reveals that he lives his life by asking "What would Ted Do?" for which Ted apologizes!

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