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A Little Bit Me with Ted Alexandro

Feb 11, 2020

At this point Ted has spent so much time in Canada he's evolved a layer a blubber. Yes, the Gaffigan tour continues north of the border as Ted keeping putting Canadian audiences to the test, and they keep passing! Then, on his way to Settlement Coffee in Kitchener, Ontario Ted stumbles upon some of his people in the street - protesters! Specifically, the rolling teachers' strikers to whom Ted offers his solidarity. And with his politics button firmly pushed, Ted rips into the crap show that was the Iowa caucuses and weighs the relative value of Buttigeg vs Bernie. His suggestion? Join the "losing team" (because sometimes they win)! Finally, in "The Catch Up" Ted Finds actress, comedian and left wing political radio show co-host Molly Knefel buying fish sticks and ready to talk about the Occupy Wall Street origins of her marriage and politics.

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