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A Little Bit Me with Ted Alexandro

Feb 18, 2020

It's unseasonably warm enough in NYC this week for some concern to make its way into Ted's local coffee shop chit chat. Then Ted and his wife get each other the same Valentine's day gift - a butt-smacking good time featuring a chubby little man in a Valentine's day onesie! Ted breaks down just how, where, and in what quantities of chub his little baby was rocking this week. Then, just as he's in the thick of babyland (and developing some great dad material!), Ted is torn between with his excitement to go back on tour with Jim Gaffigan and his desire to stay home slapping and squeezing the little bottom of a baby who has done nothing wrong. Next, Ted mentors kids making socially conscious films via Jeannie Gaffigan's The Imagine Society. And then Ted has a near-mystical life experience: going to the next level with the subject of his 'attractive guy at the bagel shop' joke at the supermarket! Then Ted turns it around in "A Little Bit You" as he reads and answers listener questions from Instagram. And finally in "The Catch Up", it's time to catch up again with the great comedian and Friends Like Us podcast host Marina Franklin, but she's headed into the subway! See what Ted says to convince her to call him back!

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