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A Little Bit Me with Ted Alexandro

Feb 25, 2020

Coming to you live (to tape) from the A Little Bit Me podcasting headquarters in Astoria, Queens - the neighborhood with historical levels of comedians and actors, of which Ted is proud to be one! Next, a sneak peak at some of Ted's latest material inspired by his newborn baby aka the perfectly seasoned spicy meatball! Then, while playing St. Louis with Jim Gaffigan Ted has a major celebrity sighting at the local cool coffee house - himself! A barista at the Mudhouse sweetly shatters Ted's carefully constructed anonymity. Then in "Frère Bernard", Bernie Sanders tears it up in Nevada, most likely due to Ted's recent Bernie video! #nothimus. Finally, in "The Catch Up!" Ted has another funny/political catch up with Pod Damn America host and comedian Jake Flores whom he finds literally woke.

Subscribe to A Little Bit Me then check out more from Ted at and follow him @Tedalexandro on Twitter and Instagram. Tickets to Pod Damn America with Ted here: Buy the 15th Anniversary Edition of As Much As You Want and watch his latest hour special Senior Class of Earth at ! Ted photo by Eric Korenman, Music by ProProDLC @ProgramDLC Produced & Edited by Matthew L. Weiss @langdonboom