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The Ted Alexandro Show with Ted Alexandro

Dec 25, 2020

In a special Christmas Eve episode Ted submits to the power of yuletide music - even country Christmas songs! Praise Jesus! And in the latest adventure of a new home owner, Ted finds himself celebrating Christmas but in need of a Hanukkah miracle when his heating system runs out of oil! Merry Christmas everyone!



Dec 11, 2020

In today's epic episode, Ted talks the literal mending of fences in his new role as homeowner, then hosts the owner of local business Qawa coffee to discuss the tenuous situation for small businesses in this pandemic, then brings on Luisa Diez and Jake Flores of Why You Mad Pod. PLUS - Merry Jesus Christmas!


Dec 4, 2020

Ted reacts to the reaction to his last video on Dave Chappelle, gives his wife a sweet birthday wish, and then at 16:25 gets deep into everything from righteous rage at the so-called progressives in this country to the spiritual side of life with the one and only Jimmy Dore!

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