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The Ted Alexandro Show with Ted Alexandro

Mar 26, 2021

Ted talks about America's recent mass shootings. Special guest Helen Hong joins Ted to talk about the movement to stop Asian Hate. Hate crimes against Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders have been surging since the pandemic began.

Mar 20, 2021

Ted continues his discussion with activist and founder of the LGBTQ-inclusive St. Pat's for All Parade, Brendan Fay. Brendan talks about getting a call from the White House asking if First Lady at the time, Hillary Clinton, could march. 

Mar 16, 2021

Ted talks about the #fundexcludedworkers movement in NYC. And then he speaks with LGBTQ activist and founder of the St. Pat's for All Parade, Brendan Fay. 

Mar 16, 2021

Ted Alexandro rants about Knicks legend Patrick Ewing being stopped by security at Madison Square Garden. Then comedian Ron Placone joins Ted to discuss all things stimulus. 

Mar 5, 2021

Ted celebrates Texas defeating covid! And Lee Camp joins us to discuss the passing of subversive comedy icon Barry Crimmins.